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The AWCO is pleased to be acknowledged as a Platinum and Gold Donor for The FAWCO Foundation Target Projects:

Wells for Clean Water: Cambodia.

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Previous AWC Scholarship Recipients

Year Awarded Recipient Name Award Amount Studies
1949 Erland Frisvold USD 1,000.00 School of International Relations, Washington, D.C.
1950 Nils Ørvik USD 1,000.00 University of Wisconsin; Doctorate in History
1951 John Traagstad USD 650.00 University of California, Los Angeles; Business Administration
1951 Fredrik Grønvold USD 650.00 University of Michigan; Masters of Engineering
1952 Kirsten Valen USD 1,700.00 University of California; Doctorate in Genetics
1952 Greta Hoffman USD 350.00 John Tracy Clinic, Los Angeles; Speech Therapy
1953 Inger Leegard USD 1,000.00 Central Institute for the Deaf, St. Louis
1954 Ellen Jacobsen USD 250.00 Lexington School for the Deaf, St. Louis
1954 Anne Aadnøy Starabo USD 250.00 John Tracy Clinic, Los Angeles
1955 Bjørg Herdal USD 1,500.00 Central Institute for the Deaf, St. Louis
1956 Sonja Haganæs USD 1,500.00 University of Michigan; teaching of sick children
1957 Aud Hovik USD 1,500.00 University of Oregon and West Michigan University; Masters in Speech Therapy
1958 Tjohild Herstad USD 1,500.00 Arizona State College; Speech Therapy
1958 Else Storli Ruhle USD 750.00 Children's Medical Center, Boston
1959 Mette Breder USD 1,500.00 St. Catherine's College, MN; Cerebral Palsy
1961 Hans Ludvik Myhra USD 2,000.00 University of Pugest Sound, WA; Masters in Speech Therapy
1964 Gro Harlem Brundtland, MD USD 3,000.00 Harvard School of Public health, MA; Public Health
1965 Signe Vittersø USD 3,000.00 West Michigan University; Speech Therapy
1966 Bjørg Herdal USD 1,000.00 Visiting U.S. institutions for aphasic children
1967 Odd Nymoen USD 1,000.00 West Michigan University; Rehabilitation for the blind
1967 Randi Korsvig Rasmussen USD 3,000.00 League School for Seriously Disturbed Children, NY
1968 Guri Bramness USD 1,000.00 University of Oregon - the Pearl Buck School
1969 Anne Marie Egeland Nordeng USD 3,500.00 New York area; Emotionally disturbed children
1970 Sigvor Riksheim (Strømnæs) USD 1,000.00 Visiting institutions for the mentally handicapped
1971 Trine Lise Dahl (Vogel) USD 4,000.00 University of Illinois; Masters in Speech Therapy
1972 Miriam Donath Skjorten USD 1,000.00 Eugene O'Neil Memorial Theater Center, Washington, D.C.
1972 Anna Marie Egeland Nordeng USD 1,000.00 Travel with mentally handicapped pupils to Mallorca
1973 Ingeborg Lyche Gomnæs USD 4,500.00 Behavioral Clinic in California
1975 Bodil Bjugn USD 5,000.00 George Washington University, Washington, D.C.; Correctional Behavior
1977 Eva Pollen USD ? Lexington School for the Deaf, St. Louis
1979 Ingrid Kjelland Iversen USD ? University of Southern California; Pupils with Learning Difficulties
1980 Grete Hoffman USD 2,000.00 Visiting U.S. institutions for the deaf
1981 Torstein Andersen USD 6,000.00 University of Florida; Masters in Music Therapy
1983 Hanna Sandsdalen Romlo USD 7,000.00 University of Texas; Treatment of the blind and visually impaired
1985 Åshild Schei NOK 60,000.00 Lesley College Graduate School, Boston; Expressive Art Therapy
1987 Anne Grethe Tuseth NOK 70,000.00 Visiting various U.S. family therapy and psychological child institutions
1988 Else Marie Haakonsen NOK 70,000.00 Montessori Institute, Washington, D.C.; Certification as Montessori teacher
1988 Sigurd Kulseng-Hansen NOK 20,000.00 Study of microsurgery and female incontinence
1989 Eva Britt Andreassen NOK 70,000.00 Orgeon State University; Vocational Education for Multihandicapped Youth
1991 Babill Stray-Pedersen, MD NOK 50,000.00 Visiting U.S. hospitals and institutions to study prenatal research
1991 Turid Gammelsrød NOK 50,000.00 Slignerland Institute, Seattle; Dyslexia Studies
1993 Magnhild Rasmussen, MD, PhD NOK 100,000.00 Training in clinicial child neurology/autistic hyperactive behavior
1995 Berge-Andreas Steinsvåg NOK 100,000.00 DePaul University, Chicago; Masters in Marketing and Management for Non-profit and Public Institutions
1997 Kitty Dahl, PhD NOK 10,000.00 Center for Treatment and Study of Anxiety Disorders, PA
1997 Ann Færden, MD NOK 40,000.00 University of California, Los Angeles; Clinical Research Center for Schizophrenia and Psychological Rehabilitation
1997 Inger Torhild Gram, MD NOK 50,000.00 University of Southern California - Department of Preventative Medicine
1999 Atle Moen, MD, PhD NOK 85,000.00 Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
1999 Kjetil Hvaal, MD
(orthopedic surgeon)
NOK 15,000.00 Baylor University Medical Center, TX
2001 Liv Frøyland, Liv Eriksen NOK 50,000.00 Oregon Social Learning Center; Parent Management
2001 Torstein Meling, MD and Bernt Due-Tønnessen NOK 50,000.00 Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY
2001 Torunn Stene Nøvik, MD NOK 20,000.00 University of California, Los Angeles - Neuropsychiatric Institue; Child Anxiety Program
2001 Audun Myskja, MD NOK 20,000.00 Institute for Health Care Improvement and Berklee School of Music, Boston
2003 Truls Ryder, MD NOK 120,000.00 Texas University - M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston
2005 Frederik Frøen NOK 100,000.00 Harvard Medical School, Boston
2007 Christine Roth NOK 50,000.00 Columbia University; Department of Epidemiology
2007 Audun Myskja, MD, PhD NOK 50,000.00 Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Berklee School of Music
2009 Jon Anders Halvorsen NOK 50,000.00 Harvard University
2009 Peter Solvoll Lyby NOK 50,000.00 Columbia University; Cognitive and Affective Control Laboratory
2011 Asbjørg Stray-Pedersen, MD, PhD NOK 90,000.00 Severe Congenital Immunodeficiency Syndrome
2011 Tone Berge Enger, Master Dentistry NOK 30,000.00 Boston University School of Dentistry; Sjøgrens Syndrome
2011 Ingunn Olea Lund, Master Psychology NOK 30,000.00 Visiting U.S. treatment centers to study babies born to mothers while undergoing opioid maintenance treatment
2013 Monica Cheng Munthe-Kaas, MD, PhD NOK 80,000.00 National Institute of Environmental Health Science, North Carolina; Epigenetics and etiology of childhood cancers
2013 Anne Lise Helgesen, MD, PhD NOK 20,000 Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Obstetrics and Gynaecology, New Hampshire; Treatments of
 genital erosive lichen planus (GELP)
2015    Mari Kaarbø, MD NOK 45,000   Laboratory of Professor Stephen Goff at Columbia University Medical Center in New York 
2015  Audun Myskja, MD, PhD NOK 45,000   Collecting data from several assisted living projects on the effects of environmental factors on the care and well being (function, mood, behavior) of those affected by dementia
 2017Tanja Pedersen, MD NOK 100,000 Pediatric bioethics certificate program,  at Bioethics Center, Children's Mercy Kansas City, MO


Thomas Tollefsen, PhDNOK 100,000 Young Adult and Family Center, University of California, San Francisco
 2021 Not awarded  


 2023 Marianne Singsaas, PhD NOK 140,000 3 month research stay at Dept. of Natural Resources and the Environment at Cornell University in New York
2023KariAnne Vrabel PhDNOK 60,000 Eating Disorder Research Society Conference in Boston, MA

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